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TEMA: Many Mechanisms Involved in Weight Gain

Many Mechanisms Involved in Weight Gain 4 días 5 horas antes #51298

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If you are eating out on a regular Derma Correct Review basis at fast food restaurants you are ingesting way too much trans and hydrogenated fats (any is too much). This is causing miscommunication at the cellular level, meaning your hormones cannot do their job effectively. The polyunsaturated fats (corn oil, soy etc.) the fats we have been told for decades are essential, cause problems by oxidizing very fast in our bodies, aging us. Unsaturated fats (the so called bad fats) do not. Lack of sleep will mess up your growth hormone, since it is secreted at night. Growth hormone is a fat-burning hormone.

Pesticides, hormones found in nonorganic meat and pollutants influence our hormones. Pesticides have been linked to insulin resistance and were found at higher levels in many diabetics. Hormones found in nonorganic food are highly estrogenic due to hormones given to livestock and poultry. In men, high estrogen levels can compete with testosterone, and can cause prostate issues and weight gain. In women this can lead to estrogen dominance. Chemicals such as chlorine, cosmetics and pollutants around us affect the ability of our cells to communicate which affects the ability for our hormones to do their job.

Though it is a fact that the right kind of exercise can stimulate hormone production that benefits weight loss, without addressing lifestyle changes that are having a detrimental effect on the ability of our cells to communicate and our hormones to do their job, the results achieved from an exercise program alone may not produce the results expected. Having the big picture can help you make the changes needed to accelerate results and to be patient as it may take more time than first anticipated to lose that weight.
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