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TEMA: we analyze the snap counts and stats on offense f

we analyze the snap counts and stats on offense f 1 semana 3 días antes #760

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Below , we analyze the snap counts and stats on offense for the Cleveland Browns’ Week 8 game against the Pittsburgh Steelers.QuarterbackPosPlayerPlays%StatsPosPlayerPlays%StatsThe Steelers kept blitzing Baker Mayfield and Cleveland’s protection had no answer for it. The gameplan on the team’s first drive of the game was a sound one — get RB Duke Johnson the ball in space in the flat, and then negate Pittsburgh’s blitzing pass rush with running plays with Nick Chubb. But you can only go so long without a downfield threat.As the game went on, Joe Haden was ready for every receiver screen that Cleveland threw. On Mayfield’s interception in the first half, he was in the middle of calling some type of adjustment when JC Tretter snapped him the ball — and Mayfield just chucked it deep right, presumably because he tried to make something out of an abandon play of sorts.Mayfield isn’t absolved of blame here. His throws were a bit high and not on target. Something needs to be done about the pass protection — I look at the time to throw that Ben Roethlisberger was afforded to throw and would love to see what Mayfield could do with that same amount of time. When Pittsburgh brings an extra man, they get a free lane. When Cleveland brings an extra man, Pittsburgh so easily picks it up.Running BackPosPlayerPlays%StatsPosPlayerPlays%StatsIt was extremely frustrating to see Duke Johnson get the first two plays of the game (2 catches for 16 yards), and not have a reception the remainder of the way. It’s like — “we have something that works, so let’s not use it again.” Johnson’s injury may have played a factor Youth Nick Chubb Jersey , but then why did he still play 21 snaps after that?I thought Nick Chubb had some really nice runs in the first half, going 10 carries for 52 yards. In the second half, he had 8 carries for 13 yards. That’s what happens with an imbalanced offense, though. Lots of Cleveland’s success seemed to involve running from a non-heavy package, yet they’d insist on bringing in heavy packages in which they were out-matched.Dontrell Hilliard played some snaps late in the game and had a nice catch-and-run for 24 yards.Wide ReceiverPosPlayerPlays%StatsPosPlayerPlays%StatsIf I’m looking for a shred of optimism this week, it is the fact that Antonio Callaway made two very tightly-contested catches, and also did not drop the wide receiver screens that were thrown to him. The touchdown grab was his second of the year.Jarvis Landry wasn’t getting separation, and to have 8 catches for 39 yards shows just how limited his downfield presence was. His longest catch went for 21 yards on a scramble play, so besides that White Seth DeValve Jersey , he had 7 catches for 18 yards. How many times did Cleveland want to go to the same play before realizing it wasn’t working?Tight EndPosPlayerPlays%StatsPosPlayerPlays%Stats54 snaps for David Njoku, and he wasn’t targeted once all game.In need of offensive playmakers, the Browns once again refused to play Seth DeValve...that is, until the final (garbage time) drive, when Mayfield targeted him twice for 28 yards, including a touchdown. Remind me again why he isn’t seeing at least a third of the snaps each week?Offensive LinePosPlayerPlays%StatsPosPlayerPlays%StatsThe Browns allowed 2 sacks and 7 quarterback hits.Week 1 against Pittsburgh was a bad game for LT Desmond Harrison, and the Steelers exposed him again in Week 8. Per Pro Football Focus:I am not saying that JC Tretter should be benched, but you can tell he is laboring a bit on his ankle when the pressure comes up the middle. If I’m the Browns, I look at the fact that the bye is coming up in three weeks. Cleveland should consider moving to Austin Corbett at center for these next two games White JC Tretter Jersey , giving Tretter more than enough time to heal up — and you also get to see what your No. 33 overall pick has to offer.Greg Robinson was the lucky sixth lineman to get two bonus snaps this week. Welcome to SB Nation FanPulse — a survey of fans across the NFL, powered by SurveyMonkey. Each week, we send 32 polls to 100+ plugged in fans from each team. Browns fans, sign up HERE to join FanPulse.The Week 6 polls are in, so let’s look at the results to see how optimistic Browns fans are getting!How confident are you in the direction of the team? Last week: 83 percent confidenceThis week, 96% of fans voted for their confidence in the direction of the Browns, a 13% increase from last week. Cleveland has now bounced exactly from 83% to 96% from Weeks 3 to 4, and now from Weeks 5 to 6, to correspond with the team’s wins and losses.The 96% confidence mark is the highest in the AFC North. If you recall , the Ravens were at a perfect 100% last week. All it took was one loss to the Browns for that confidence to plummet to 42%! The Bengals are at 87% confidence, while the Steelers are at 36% confidence.Will the Browns make the playoffs?In a new question this week, fans were asked if they thought the Browns would make the playoffs. Some may look at 43% of fans saying “yes” as being way too optimistic, but I actually see it as quite reserved. The 96% confidence from early shows that fans really like the overall direction the team is headed, but aren’t convinced that will lead to an immediate playoff spot in 2018.Will the Browns win or lose in Week 5?Odds: Chargers are 1.5-point favoritesDawgs By Nature FanPulse: Browns by 5Bolts from the Blue FanPulse: Chargers by 6Each fanbase is confidence in their respective team’s chances of winning this week.Who is the best team in the NFL?Between the Rams and the Chiefs, fans across all SB Nation sites gave the honor to the Rams of being the best team in the NFL. That was my selection too — but it would be a heck of a game to see if they squared off against each other. Custom Kansas City Chiefs Jerseys
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